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Who Is Jeremiah L. Davison?

Jeremiah Davison is a multi-talented artist, Artreprenuer, and dreamer hailing from Flint, Michigan, and currently based in Atlanta, GA. He wears many hats in the world of entertainment, including producer, director, actor, sound designer, and audio engineer. Despite his involvement in various disciplines, his ultimate passions lie in directing and producing, using these platforms as vehicles to tell meaningful stories.

Jeremiah is known for his collaborative spirit, always striving to ensure that the narratives he helps bring to life are clear, impactful, and inclusive of all collaborators and audiences. His work aims to spark communal conversation, raise awareness, and broaden perspectives, particularly focusing on underrepresented communities and their potential.

In addition to pursuing his own artistic endeavors, Jeremiah is deeply committed to helping others achieve their creative aspirations. As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Multiband Studios LLC, he plays a key role in bringing high-quality and innovative productions to theater, film, and live entertainment, with a specific focus on creatives of color. 


Outside of his creative pursuits, Jeremiah is dedicated to continuous learning and seeks inspiration from mentors, colleagues, and fellow artists within the arts community. He is an alum of the University of West Georgia, where he earned his BA, and Georgia State Perimeter College, where he obtained his AA. He acknowledges the unwavering support of his mentors, family, and friends in his journey.

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia & Flint, Michigan

Multiband Studios LLC.

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